FullSizeRender_9 What can home staging do for you?

Are you getting ready to sell your home? Are you a realtor with a vacant home to sell? Mulhern Interiors offers home staging services to both occupied and vacant homes. This is the first step into turning a house into a home. There is nothing worse than walking through a house that feels cold and sterile, or noticing imperfections on the walls. By staging a home, it brightens up the home, and adds life back into it. Adding an elegant, yet lived in feel, this allows potential buyers to feel connected to the home and see themselves living in it. Home staging sells homes quicker, for top dollar and avoids expensive price drops, and stale listings. Mulhern Interiors prides ourselves on making each home feel unique and completely transformed.  We specialize in the Denver and surrounding areas.

What can our design services do for you?

Mulhern Interiors offers design services to homeowners and builders. Whether you are looking to remodel a kitchen or transform an entire home, we can  help you achieve the look you desire. We excel in picking colors, finishes, furniture and accessories to complete the look of a home. Mulhern Interiors also offers redesign services for furniture pieces. Do you have an older piece that needs revamping or an IKEA piece you love the clean lines of, but it clearly screams “budget furniture”? Let’s bring a new and custom look to it!


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